The Indian Vernacular Wave is Rising – Are We Prepared To Serve Better

With a huge increase in vernacular content consumers in India, there is a never-ending need arising for fresh and unique content. As per the reports around 400 million new consumers will be using the internet for the first time in India and none of them will be English speaking.

Although the rise of giants like TikTok and Youtube indicates that Video content can dominate the vernacular content space, a possible reason for the same is the lack of Visual and textual content providers or content creation platforms. These new internet users have options to explore and consume the visual content on many apps like Sharechat, Helo, Dailyhunt etc but the options of creating quality content based on their own language are really few.Here is how space looks like right now:

For example, such apps allow users to either float around the same content published on the apps or create fresh content with minimum detailing. Results are bad quality visual content with watermarks and irrelevant text that takes away user interests in sharing that common content. This creates a huge gap between user based visual content creation and content consumption generating a strong need for common platforms to create exclusive content based upon Indian culture and consumer needs.

People use a lot of small apps available right now to get the static visual content. These apps fail to cover and cater to the creators as they fail to provide fresh content on a regular basis as well as they don’t allow the users to edit it in their own language. Small business users work around this by taking the help of graphic designers and pays heavily for the same.

Coming to rescue are platforms like Pratilipi and upcoming platforms like Tweebr which allow the users to create and customize content the way they want. These apps empower the users to get fresh content which they can modify as per their needs. While Pratilipi is related to textual content creation, Tweebr majorly focuses on Visual Content creation and edition. With the Indian markets getting flooded with content consumption apps these apps create a sharp edge by providing exclusive content to users as per their region and culture.

With a great adoption rate, Pratilipi is already a proven success and now Tweebr is also following the same footsteps to gain users. What do you think? Do we need better content creation apps that focus on all media types for making Indian regional content? I would love to read your comments and thoughts.


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